National Army Museum


The National Army Museum explores the impact of the British Army on the story of Britain, Europe and the world; how Britain’s past has helped to shape our present and our future and how the actions of a few can affect the futures of many.

In this period of First World War commemorations, we remember how British soldiers were asked to give up their own freedoms to fight for democracy in the face of tyranny.

The National Army Museum and Regimental and Corps Museums invite you to join us at events across the country for a mug of tea and to remember the soldiers and their stories.

…. away from family and under fire, Tommy could always rely on the comfort of a cup of tea…


Coming soon –  the National Army Museum LiberTeas Collection.

Events by National Army Museum


Tea with the Tommies

To mark the 800th Anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta, the document that underpins our way of life, we are reflecting on democracy from the perspective of a solider in the trenches in First World War. Visit a couple of soldiers on the western front for a cuppa and… Read more »